Burke Award

Robert B. Burke Award for excellence in cultural property protection At the annual US National Conference on Cultural Property Protection Award Dinner the evening of 7 February 2001, in a hotel outside Washington DC, Mr. Ton Cremers is awarded the Robert B. Burke Award for excellence in cultural property protection. He becomes the eighth annual recipient of this profession’s highest honor in the United States. Mr. Cremers received an engraved crystal glass flame to symbolize the spirit of achievement and accomplishment in this profession.

Photo shows Ton Cremers with 2003 award winner KENNETH LOPEZ The award recognizes a professional worthy of emulation by others, based on lifetime achievement and specific project accomplishment:

* During his past 4 years Mr. Cremers conceived and developed the Museum Security Network–an Internet website and listserv at http://www.museum-security.org/ which has outgrown all other national and world professional organizing and service efforts in the field of museum and library security. * The Museum Security Network continues to serve a limitless number of cultural organizations and protection professionals in virtual time at the most minimum of cost. * The work of Museum Security Network encourages improved cultural protection and prevents and solves crimes against cultural property. * Mr. Cremers’ determination, personal investment and modesty in providing continuous worldwide service are a model of professional excellence without equal today.